D4系列 超精密车削中心

● 四主轴车削中心,应用于煤气阀体和阀芯的精加工
● 加工的材料为黄铜、紫铜和铝
● 特殊的液压主轴确保低于2微米的尺寸公差
● 油温冷却循环控制系统
● 每个立式主轴有独立的电机驱动
● 两个独立的刀架滑台
● 四件工件同时加工
● 工件自动上下料的全自动加工循环
● 排屑系统
● 最小刀具润滑系统

Feature Function:
● Four spindles fine turning machine for finishing bodies and plugs for gas valves
● Machine materials : brass, bronze and aluminum
● Special hydraulic spindles to get less than 2 µm dimensional tolerances
● Oil temperature system controlled by a cooling circuit
● Each vertical spindle is driven by an independent motor
● Two independent tool slides
● Four pieces are machined simultaneously
● Automatic machining cycle with loading-unloading system
● Chip conveyor system
● Minimal lubrication system of tools

煤气阀阀体和阀芯的精加工 Finishing gas valves' bodies and plugs

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