TT系列 转台式车铣复合加工中心

● 上下料系统
● 多工位转台
● 带高压直通冷却液的钻镗孔主轴单元
● 数控车削镗孔主轴单元
● 数字刀具磨损和破损监控系统
● 用于长钢切屑的带冷却温度控制的冷却液系统
● 机床符合国际安全防护等级

Feature Function:
● Automatic loading and unloading station
● Multi-working stations
● NC boring units complete with pressurized through the spindle coolant
● NC threading-boring units
● Electronic systems for tool breakage on all tools
● Chip and coolant processing system for long steel chips with coolant refrigeration system
● Comply with the international accident prevention regulations

汽车产业 Automotive industry
电子配件 Electric component
供暖和空调系统 Heating and Air Conditioning system
锁具制造 Locks manufacture
油气产业 Oil and Gas industry
气动部件 Pneumatic component
卫浴配件 Sanitary fitting
阀门制造 Valves manufacture

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