TG系列 水车式车铣复合加工中心

● 自动上下料
● 多工位转台
● HSK 40/63钻镗孔主轴单元,伺服进给系统并由NC 控制
● 通过刀柄的刀具中心内冷
● 专用于钢铁加工的完整切削和冷却液处理系统

● 机床符合国际安全防护等级

Feature Function:
● Automatic loading and unloading station
● Multi working stations
● HSK40/63 boring units, servo feed and NC-controlled
● Tool coolant through the chuck
● Complete chip and coolant processing system specific for steel machining
● Comply with the international accident prevention regulations

汽车产业 Automotive industry
电子配件Electric component
供暖和空调系统Heating and Air Conditioning system
锁具制造Locks manufacture
油气产业Oil and Gas industry
气动部件Pneumatic component
卫浴配件Sanitary fitting
阀门制造 Valves manufacture

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