T4系列 立式车铣复合加工中心

● 立式四主轴车削中心
● 主轴转速达10000转
● 直线电机和无刷伺服电机驱动四个主轴滑座
● 具备快换刀具功能的固定刀座
● 每个加工循环四个零件同时加工
● 数字刀具磨损和破损监控系统
● 远程诊断功能

Feature Function:
● Vertical 4 spindles turning machine
● Up to 10000 rpm motor-spindle
● Four cross slides driven by linear motors and brushless motors
● Fixed quick change tool holder
● Four pieces produced per machining cycle
● Control and Monitoring system of digital tools' wear and break
● Remote Diagnostic Services


Producing components of bars, tubes, and coils made of steel, iron, brass, and aluminum alloy

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